Well Satisfied Miners - The price of Bitcoin has experienced a meteoric rise for several months, which has led it to beat its ATH several times. As euphoria grips the markets, miners aren't to be pitied either!

Huge 9-figure revenues

In December, Bitcoin miners recorded mining revenues that had not been achieved since the 2017 bull run.

They collected $ 692 million in revenue, of which about 10%, or $ 68.3 million, came from transaction fees.

Evolution of Bitcoin miners' income since January 2017 - Source: The Block

Practically, miners' incomes peaked in December 2017, with $ 1.25 billion recorded. A trend that extended to January 2018 with 1.02 billion.

Luckily for users, the Bitcoin network is currently not experiencing such a dramatic increase in transaction fees as it was in 2017.

However, the latter have nonetheless experienced an increase, from an average of around 5 dollars to almost 10. A value that is still far from the 55 dollars reached in January 2018.

Evolution of Bitcoin transaction fees since January 2017 - Source: Bitinfocharts

New income records for minors, of course. But unfortunately, an increase in fees could be recorded in the coming months if the market continues on its uptrend.


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