Free, Julian Assange! - Since the arrest in April 2019 of Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, his group of whistleblowers has received regular donations of bitcoin (BTC). Today, the platform has just received nearly $ 280,000.

A donation of nearly 8.5 bitcoins

The WikiLeaks Defense Fund was set up to help defend Julian Assange and the organization’s other journalists. It of course accepts donations in fiat currencies, but also in cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Zcash (ZEC).

On January 4, good news fell in the defense of the whistleblower. The British judge, who was due to rule on the extradition to the United States of Julian Assange, rejected the transfer of jurisdiction.

Judge Vanessa Baraitser considered that the worrying mental state of the founder of WikiLeaks did not allow his extradition, even fearing a risk of "suicide attempt".

The journalist faces 18 charges in the United States, including 17 under the US anti-espionage law. Following this latest court decision, WikiLeaks explains in a tweet that a bail application for its founder will be filed this Wednesday, January 6.

$ 615,000 worth of bitcoins from WikiLeaks defense fund

Coming back to the Defense Fund, many donations accompanied the British judge's decision in favor of Julian Assange. One of them, particularly massive, was spotted by Whale Alert, the monitoring system for large blockchain transactions:

In total, the Defense Fund's wallet address now holds 19.66 BTC, or the equivalent of over $ 615,000. The incensurable nature of Bitcoin has helped WikiLeaks a lot, as the nonprofit has often been denied the ability to receive donations in state currency.

While rumors of Donald Trump's forgiveness of Assange have yet to materialize, the whistleblower seems to be able to count on his supporters in the cryptosphere to provide his best defense. In a way, this is a fair return of things, as WikiLeaks trusted and adopted Bitcoin for these donations early on as early as 2011. 

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